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Allergy and dietary information

We care about all our guests and aim to make eating and drinking with us a relaxed experience. We understand it can be difficult for guests with special dietary requirements to make menu choices.

To help you make an informed choice Download a PDF of our allergy and nutrition and other dietary information for the Main menu.

To help you make an informed choice Download a PDF of our allergy and nutrition and other dietary information for the Meat Free menu.

Allergy information

We are aware of allergens requiring labelling . Menu descriptions do not list all ingredients. Please see below key of how to interpret the data and inform your server every time you dine with us even if you have eaten the dish before as products can change and so that every precaution can be taken in our kitchen to prevent cross contamination.

We take great care to prevent cross-contamination when preparing your order in our kitchens. However, due to the layout and operation of our kitchens we do not have specific allergen free zones and it is therefore not possible to fully guarantee separation of allergens. There is significant risk of cross-contamination in our buffet areas and deep fat fryers. If you would like further information on our cooking methods, don’t be afraid to ask! We cannot guarantee your order is 100% free from any allergenic ingredient.

Y      The allergen is present.

The Treenut/nut column indicates the presence of the following; almond, Brazil, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia (Queensland nut), pecan, pistachio and walnut. The column ‘Tree Nut source (if present)’ will show the specific tree nut.

Other dietary information

YES       Suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians/ vegans

NO        Not suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians/ vegans

The nutrition values provided are for each complete dish as listed on the menu. Optional additions are listed separately and must be added to the value for the dish. Where the dishes are for sharing the figure given is for the total dish and you must divide this by the number of people sharing the dish to get the nutrition per person. Figures are typical and may vary due to seasonal factors and chef practices.



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