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Feed the Family at Cookhouse + Pub

2 Adult mains and 2 kids mains for £20 | 22nd July - 30th August

Summer family offer

Give the family a feast this summer, from 22nd July to 30th August, and get 2 adult mains and 2 kids mains for just £20, Monday to Friday  12-6pm. More than two kids to feed? You can add up to 2 extra kids meals for just £2.99, as well as add an adult starter or dessert for £2.99 each. The whole family will find something they love on our menu, from tasty summer dishes to delicious drinks. 

You’ll find all your favourite dishes including hand-battered Fish & Chips, the ultimate favourite Club Sandwich and even our special Smothered Chicken! Why wait, book your table today.

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cookhouse and pub feed the family summer dishes


Choose 2 kids mains and add in up to 2 extra kids meals for £2.99!

10 Veg Tomato Pasta (VE) (235kcal)
Tricolore pasta served in our ten-veg tomato sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese (288kcal)
Beef bolognese sauce cooked with tomato, onions, carrots and spaghetti

4oz* Rump Steak
Served with skin-on chips (370kcal)

Margherita Pizza (V) (377kcal)
7-inch margherita pizza 

Pork Sausage, Mash & Gravy
Succulent pork sausages with mash and gravy (344kcal)
Make it veggie, swap to GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ sausages (V) (279kcal)

Oven-Baked Poppin’ Chicken
Breaded chicken bites made with 100% chicken breast, served with skin-on chips (352kcal)

Oven-Baked Fish Bites**
Breaded pollock fish bites served with skin-on chips (504kcal)


2 Mini Corn on the Cob (48kcal), Baked Beans (41kcal), Peas (47kcal), Veggie Sticks (16kcal)

5oz* Gammon Steak
With skin-on chips, garden peas (646kcal) & your choice of fried eggs (+216kcal), grilled pineapple rings (+44kcal) or one of each (+130kcal)
-> Upgrade to 7oz* for 1.49

Sausage & Mash
Three pork sausages, fried onions, mash, peas and gravy (810kcal) GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Veggie sausages available, just ask (V) (584kcal)

Classic Beef Lasagne
Served with a salad garnish and garlic bread (662kcal)

Smothered Chicken
Topped with bacon, mozzarella and smoky BBQ sauce. Served with skin-on chips and garlic bread (859kcal)
-> Upgrade to double-smothered chicken for 2.49 (+312kcal)

Fish & Chips **
Served with creamy tartare sauce, and your choice of peas or mushy peas (950kcal)

Classic Cheeseburger
1/4lb* steak burger topped with Cheddar and burger sauce in a brioche-style bun. Served with skin-on chips and coleslaw (995kcal)
-> Add a 1/4lb* beef burger for 2.49 (+214kcal)
-> Add a cheese slice for 99p (+83kcal)
-> Add streaky bacon x2 for 99p (+63kcal)

Club Sandwich
Bacon, chicken breast, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise, sandwiched between 3 slices of toasted white bread, topped with a fried egg (784kcal)
-> Add skin-on chips for 99p (+368kcal)

Cheeze & Onion Pie (ve)
Served with skin-on chips, peas and a jug of gravy (626kcal)

Crispy Chicken Goujons
Served with a smoky BBQ sauce (429kcal)

Garlic Bread with Cheese (v) (363kcal)
Topped with mozzarella

Tomato Soup (v)
Served with garlic & herb croutons (226kcal)

Garlic & Herb Mushrooms
Served with a smoky BBQ sauce (442kcal)

Loaded Potato Dippers
With cheese & bacon. Served with reduced-fat soured cream (428kcal)

Caramel Apple Betty (v)
Served warm with custard (371kcal) or vanilla ice cream (362kcal)

Triple Chocolate Brownie (v)
Served warm with vanilla dairy ice creamand chocolate sauce (620kcal)

Mini Sundae with Berries (ve)
Vegan vanilla ice cream topped with berries (200kcal)

Mini Ice Cream Sundae with Cadbury® Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles (v)
Cadbury® Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles, chocolate and caramel sauces and a chocolate flake (283kcal)

Mini Knickerbocker Glory Sundae (v)
Vanilla dairy ice cream layered with berries, lemon-soaked sponge and raspberry sauce, topped with a glacé cherry, sprinkles and a wafer (341kcal)

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